Having always enjoyed an active lifestyle, I realized the importance of maintaining optimal health. I started using nutritional supplements purchased from my local health food store. Eventually I was spending $500 per month and taking 32 different supplements every day. When my husband purchased our initial supply of USANA supplements I was skeptical. But after comparing ingredients, what I was spending $500 per month for in the health food store, I can now buy from USANA for $85 per month! Furthermore, the results on USANA were fantastic! I feel so much better. For me, the buying decision was simple:  Why spend more for an inferior product?  The choice is clear, I will be a USANA customer for life!*

Miriam Miller, Ohio

I am considered an elite distance runner. I started using USANA supplements while competing for my college cross country team.  USANA played a key role in helping me and my teammates maintain our health leading up to the national championship race (which we won!). As an long distance runner, I put my body through a lot of stress. I had no idea how important a role USANA had become in my training until my supply accidentally ran  out. Trust me, I will never run out of them again!*

Nik Swikert, Marathoner & Olympic hopeful

I am a pharmacist. When I first heard about USANA’s nutritional program I was naturally very skeptical. However, I was surprised to learn that USANA’s nutrition  products were listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference Manual. I was also surprised and pleased to learn that USANA  manufactured their products according to the good manufacturing practices for the pharmaceutical industry. This was very impressive. I am also an elite masters (over 50 age category) triathlon competitor. I immediately felt the difference when I started taking the Health Pack 100. I also use the USANA nutrition bars to give me the extra fuel I need and they are low glycemic. I have maintained excellent health which allows me to train hard without setbacks. The payoff came recently when I was invited to compete for Team USA in the upcoming World Championships in Germany.*

Mark Reynolds, Pharmacist and elite Masters Triathlon athlete

As a cross country and distance coach I am always looking for products to help my athletes maintain their health to optimal levels. I trust USANA. When I recommend USANA products to my athletes I do so with the confidence that they are getting what their bodies need every day, AND with the confidence that they will not test positive for banned substances due to accidental contamination. I wouldn’t go a day without them.*

Jack Hazen, former Team USA World Championship track and field distance coach, and Head Coach Cross Country World Championships

I started taking USANA Nutritionals and as a result I feel healthier and stronger. Despite all that I put my body through, I now feel better than ever. Seeing and feeling the results that USANA products had on me inspired me to become a USANA Independent Associate. Let me tell you – I will never look back!*

Jose Antonio Rivera, Professional Boxer, 3 time world boxing champion

I have taken USANA products for the past 12 years and have known throughout my journey that these tremendous products have helped make climbing at my age possible. I sincerely thank USANA for providing the high-quality nutritional supplements that have helped me make the most of my body and my life.*

Werner Berger, expert mountain climber and the oldest North American to summit Mt. Everest

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